Business Field

Binggrae ensures production and distribution network of refrigerated and frozen.
Through ice cream(frozen) business and milk and fermented milk(refrigerated) business, Binggrae has ensured the stable foundation of profit, and through export of snacks(room-temperature), Binggrae has the possibility of sustainable growth.

Picture of a Cledor on a table with a milk cup and pieces of chocolate.
Ice Cream
Binggrae has been extending a stable business through ice cream products that have been loved for a long time such as "Together" or "Melona," and Binggrae is developing premium products like "Cled'or" or "Together Signature" to expand the business scope.
Picture of two Banana Flavored Milks on a table.
Milk, Yogurt & Beverage
Beginning with "Banana Flavored Milk ," Binggrae has secured its position as the representative milk beverage brand and is continuously growing by fulfilling various preferences of customers toward very wide ranges such as milk, soy milk, fermented milk, and coffee.
Picture of a product of Binggrae.
The snack of Binggrae with the globally renown "Crab Chips" is bringing sustainable profits. Binggrae is endlessly studying new tastes and products for the snack business beloved by everyone.
Picture of a product of Binggrae.
To provide new tastes to customers, Binggrae is endlessly expanding new dessert brands like "SAMANCO Jelly" or "Hawaiian Host Chocolate" to make profits from new businesses.
Picture of a product of Binggrae.
Pet Food
The Professional Corporation of Milk and Fermentation Study. Binggrae is beginning food business for pets. We are pioneering new markets, holding the sincerity of wishing well-being and happiness of pets around us.