The Yogurt, Finally go beyond intestinal health,
and think about a muscle!

In order to make protein much easier to have,
more convenient and delicious,
we fulfil protein with our best yogurt, Yoplait

Yoplait Protein, perfect way to have probiotics
and proteins at once for our health

Enjoy much more delicious and healthier protein
with Yoplait Protein!

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  • Yoplait Protein Drink Plain
  • Yoplait Protein Drink Strawberry & Banana
  • Yoplait Protein Plain
  • Yoplait Protein Blueberry
Fulfil Max Protein with Yoplait!
18g protein with a bottle
Boiled eggs 2.5ea | Protein RDA  45% | Avg. Drinkable Yogurt  2.5 time+
Plenty enough to fulfil your daily Protein!
  • * Yoplait Protein Drinkable 210ml – Plain Flavor
  • * Protein content of an egg – 6g, Food Safety Korea
  • * 30-49 female protein RDA – 40g, Korean Nutrition Society(2015)
  • * Avg. of top 5 market share drinkable yogurts
The Reason you should have enough protein everyday, because protein dosen’t cumulate in our body!
Probiotics over 20 billion for a bottle 45% less fat content than normal yogurt More than anything else, super delicious protein yogurt!
* Yoplait Protein Drinkable 210ml
We are Yoplait, trust our taste and materials

Not like normal protein beverage with only powdered skim milk,
Yoplait Protein is made by fresh local milk and great quality protein!

Through Cutting-edge fermentation technology by cooperation with
global yogurt company SODIMA, We create such delicious yogurt
with max protein content

What is benefit for having probiotics and proteins at once?

From intestinal health to muscle health, have probiotics and proteins
at once with Yoplait Protein

Probiotics help our body to digest proteins easily, and Yoplait Protein
contain special strain of probiotics which is effective to digest proteins

※ ref : Lactic acid bacteria isolated from dairy products as potential producers of lipolytic,
※ ref : proteolytic and antibacterial protein, Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2019
Why Protein is necessary?
  • Antibody Formation

    Protein is essential material to form an antibody,
    protecting our body from virus and maintain immune system

  • Muscle Building

    As known well, Protein build muscle and our body.
    Having protein is much more vital to older adults as they start to loose their muscle

  • Healthy Growth

    Our kids also need protein so much to their physical growth,
    as the protein is closely related to growth hormone

Yoplait Protein is  really good for someone like
  • #200 Billion Probiotics #18g Protein
    Cares intestinal and muscle health at the same time

  • #45% Less Fat #Effective Protein Digestion
    Enjoys daily work-out to maintain your body and fit

  • #Delicous #Easy to have #Yoplait, friendly
    For your parents to avoid muscle loss and maintain energy

  • #Yoplait for our kids
    For your children to make physical growth with enough protein